“The body is a device to calculate
the astronomy of the spirit.” -Rumi

3 FF of Love

Create a firm foundation of Spiritual Love in your relationship with our "3 Fold Flame of Love" Guided Meditation!

3 FF of Love

Cultivate a Deeper and more Connected relationship with our "Heart Kiss" Guided Meditation for Couples!

Do you want to feel more intimacy, wholeness, and spirituality with your beloved?

Are you like many couples who have taken workshops and read books trying to create a better relationship –yet are still seeking deeper intimacy and a more fulfilling relationship?!

You've given your time and energy to have a measure of success in making things work between you—but you long for something more, a relationship with a deeper, more fulfilling purpose.

If you won’t settle for disappointment or mediocre —and your inner knowing impels you to find an answer to your heart’s desire for a deeply connected, intimate, and fulfilling relationship, then contact us, we can show you how you can have your hearts desire.

A Deeper, More Intimate and Spiritual Level of Relating is Possible

The good news is that you’re in the right place! It’s our passion and life purpose to help you achieve your desire for a higher expression of relationship with more intimacy, deeper connection and higher purpose together!

Skype Sessions

skype sessionsMany couples like the additional convenience and comfort of receiving counseling sessions from the privacy of their own home via Skype sessions. Follow this link to learn more about Skype sessions with us. >

Skilled & Experienced Guides

We have decades of training, exploration and investigation into how the body and emotion work together –including certification in several alternative energy healing therapies that understand and work with the energies of the body and their relationship to physical health, emotional well-being and completeness.

As counselors with over 30 years of experience, our unique male and female perspectives combine with our training and expertise to help you have a broader and more inclusive understanding while discovering more intimacy, deeper connection and spiritual-sexual integration in your relationship.

We employ a method of integrative counseling we call Pranasomatic™ (Prana: spirit, breath, life-force energy; Somatic: body and emotion) which builds upon the work of Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Alexander Lowen, and Jack Lee Rosenberg, Ph.D. by adding expanded awareness of the nexus point where emotion meets the physical body -and its physical and energetic knots or "trigger points" that suppress feeling and eros.

Pranasomatic™ counseling combines: introspective inquiry, relationship education, guidance, demonstration and mirroring, body movement and breath work, and is additionally informed by “light-touch” alternative healing therapies (Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation) as well as Reiki and Tantric energy wisdom, employing exercises and practices that address the whole spectrum of love and relationship.


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Couple to Couple Sessions

We help you discover your unique expression of love waiting to be unveiled and included in your relationship! Seeing us demonstrate exercises and portray principles gives you clear understanding to draw from and add your unique experience to –making it much easier to learn and practice with your beloved. In addition, being able to ask questions and get guidance with your unique personal process in-the-moment makes learning exercises and applying principles much easier and more effective.

Nicholas: “Sunyata and Hreem's teaching of sacred intimacy and union is an example of masculine and feminine balance and cooperation that provided unique insights which were immensely important to me and Linda.”


Are You Seeking “Something More” in Your Relationship?

Are you one of the many people awakening to greater spiritual awareness and have the desire to integrate spirituality in your intimate relationship with your beloved?

If your answer is “yes,” then your next step is to contact us.

We can then discuss how we might best help you realize the intimate, deeply connected and spiritual relationship you want with your beloved!

The Healing Effects of Sacred Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy is a special, enriching and unique state of embodiment and connection between partners in a relationship. It is a closeness and depth of connection and intimacy that enlivens and vivifies relationships.

For the Sacred to be present and be experienced in a relationship, something must be introduced that is distinguished from ordinary mundane activities, routines, and patterns.

That something is time together in Sacred Intimacy—creating opportunities for sacredness to occur with deeper intimacy, openness, and acceptance. We help you open to deeper intimacy with your beloved and create a healthy relationship bond that is mutually enriching.

“Don’t count on sex to be the door to intimacy. It’s the other way around: first develop intimacy skills, then make love to enjoy them.” —Margot Anand  

The word “sacred” means to "set apart" or "make holy," and so to have sacred intimacy is to make time for it and create a container that is special and unique. We suggest ways in which you can create opportunities in your busy life to nurture a profound and healthy relationship.

Sunyata Satchitananda and Hreem al-Zahrah are counselors, healers, and educators who show couples how to create Sacred Intimacy and thereby feel their full potential for deeply meaningful and sacred connection together.

Contact us to request more information about our counseling and healing services or to make an appointment for a session.

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Mar. 2013 Sacred Intimacy for Couples workshop San Francisco, CA.
Apr. 2013 Sacred Intimacy for Couples workshop Marin, CA.
Jun. 2013 Sacred Intimacy for Couples workshop Santa Rosa, CA.
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Ecstatic Valentines Celebration (with Cacao ceremony)
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